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What is our cultural identity today?
What have we left behind?
What are we carrying forward?
What do we need to take forward?
What do we buy? Products or pride?
What is pride to us?
Do we need this pride or do we want it?
Do we 'need' so many 'things' or do we 'want' them?
What would we shop for when all resources are used up?
How do our choices contribute to resource exploitation, waste generation and pollution ?

Observe what's happening globally
Observe how your daily habits are part of bigger problems
Be watchful of what and how you consume
Be watchful of what and how much you discard
Educate yourself and others of
What makes our products?
How is it made?
Who makes it?
Where all does it go before reaching our hands?
Where does the waste go after it is made by the manufacturer, after we use it, after we throw it away, almost without a second thought,


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