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Tikon Bagh

Phulkari Bagh with mountain peak motifs rendered in white
and gold.
Silk floss embroidery on a spectacular deep red
handspun, handwoven cotton.
Size: 136 cms. x 244 cms.
Age unknown but estimated to be 60+ years old
a) Colour change (white to off white silk) in one quadrant that is a manifestation of the
nazar butti.
b) Noteworthy green vertical lines between columns.
c) The uncovered maroon base cloth adds a third colour to the
overall pattern.
d) Off white, beige and 2
shades of burnt orange silk have been used in embroidery.
The color change (white to off-white) in one quadrant represents the nazar butti.
This item has lived a hearty life being used within the cultural
context of the creators. Signs of this life are present in the form of stains, dry color run, thread loss and other imperfections.
Product code 547

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