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Image by Peggie Mishra



Jharkhand is immensely abundant in thick verdant forests, plateaus, low rolling hills, ample scenic beauty and diversity, rare herbs, wildlife sanctuaries, precious minerals, placid backwaters, mountainous limpid lakes and rivers, spectacular waterfalls, etc.  Jharkhand has both bustling towns and quiet pastoral villages, surrounded by pacific forests, plateaus, hills, coal mines, and Iron and Steel industries. It is a rich land of great scenic beauty, placid backwaters, refreshing and rejuvenating greenery, alien and exotic cultures, and winsome rustic simplicity.


Organic Handloom Silk

Manufacturing Process

Dedicated to produce high quality  non-violent silk fabrics organically, project Cocccon is a modern form of  rural cooperative industry. It has a decentralised  production cycle, which allows silk farmers, spinners, weavers  etc  to work directly from their place. All these differnt units are well connected with  a centralised headquarter. Storage of cocoons, yarns and ready textile are done at its headquarter. Here is step wise information about production cycle.

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