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Image by Nicolas Messifet


The Golden Land

The northern state of India with the glorious history of robust culture, agriculture and trade. This bread house of Pre and Post Partitioned India came to be known as the golden land metaphorically for its wealth and literally because of the color of the soil and different grains giving it a sepia-tone landscape. The fertility of the land bloomed because of the five rivers

(Punj – Five and Ab – River) in the Punjab of Hindustan.

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The Flower Embroidery

Phul - Flower, Kari - To do by hand

Image by engin akyurt


Handspun Handwoven Fabric

'Khaddar' translated to Hindi is 'Khadi'

Around 15 minutes away from the town of Sangrur lies the farm that an upcoming organisation ‘Balwaar’ runs out of. They spomsor and overlook the education for young girls from the villages around. For girls turned adults, and not allowed to work in the city are being motivated to learn weaving khadi cotton, khes (light blanket

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